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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Loss of a Hero

I just found out today that Ed Yourdon passed away on January 20, 2016.  This is a major loss to the IT community.  Ed made a huge difference and revolutionized programming as we know it today.  Modern frameworks, architectures, etc. all have their origins in Ed's work! 

If you remember rats nest programming with GO TO's and worse and were part of the transition to structured programming, analysis, and design you will know the value Ed brought to the world of modern computing.

Just after Sun Micro systems released Java Ed wrote a book on object oriented programming and design.  Ed totally understood OO and more importantly what an OBJECT really is!  Sadly a bunch of geeks have obfuscated his work in this area, but If you red his book you will look at OO very differently.

I had the privilege of meeting Ed and having the ability to discuss OO design and development with him. 

Ed will be missed!  He was a great man and made an incredible contribution to modern IT.

-- Bob C.