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Monday, April 9, 2012

Clerity Moves Mainframe Apps to Windows Platform

Check out Clerity this new application lets IBM Mainframe users move applications including batch, CICS On-Line, and other applications to the Windows platform without modification.  This can dramatically reduce the cost of hardware, operations support, and give you a basis for modernization.

In many of our customer interactions, a key factor driving modernization is the need for a direct cost reduction in current mainframe spending. 

I find it totally ironic that I would be advocating software such as this and a move away from IBM mainframes to Windows based servers.  I spent over 20 years working with mainframes and an additional 20 years with IBM midrange machines.  I designed and built large scale enterprise systems and would never think of buying 3rd party solutions in most situations.

Today, I see that IBM has not kept pace with the world and its large zOS iron with mega dollar pricing has become obsolete and unnecessary.  Companies can save millions of dollars per year in hardware, system software, and labor costs by moving to Windows or LINUX based technologies.  Furthermore, they can leverage cloud computing and outsource the support of their systems for a fraction of what they are paying today.

Check out Clerity.  It is one more excellent solution to break away from costs of mainframe computing.